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Many customers buy sex dolls, do not pay much attention to the care of the wig. In fact, the care of the wig is also a very important part.

Of course, some friends do not care about the care of the wig. But small boobs sex doll buyers believe that it is important to take good care of the wig to protect it. Hair style is also a plus for sex dolls, like afro hair sex doll, plaits hair sex doll different hairstyles can bring different pleasures.

Usually like to take pictures of the doll buyers may spend more time on the wig, it should be noted that everyone will be wig on the sex doll when the head of the sex doll put some talcum powder. Otherwise, after a long time, the wig will be very ugly and troublesome. It is best to comb all the wigs before putting them on.

If the wig is tangled, try spraying some water to wet it and comb it. Do not comb it all at once. Grab the top and comb the ends. If the hair is very tangled, then go straight to the wash. Simply place the wig in water and soak it in conditioner and shampoo. No vigorous rubbing is required. Also uxdoll recommend using conditioner will be better, the wig is very smooth and soft.

Dressing up a sex doll is an activity that tests the patience of the doll buyers, so please don’t rush and enjoy the process of dressing the doll and enjoy the time that belongs to each other.

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